The Series

Raised in a world where faith in the forgotten Kingdom of Emet has become an act of treason, a seventeen year old boy named Millard is propelled into his destiny as a Warrior for the King of Emet.

The words of the King, alive within the outlawed Book of Emet, are the sole source of Millard’s power as he faces the invisible, deceptive forces of the Kingdom of Vanidici and its leader, Lord Vanidicus.

The MILLARD: WARRIOR OF THE KING series chronicles the journey of young Millard as he embraces the truth of the Kingdom of Emet. With his mentor, Lincoln, and thousands of angelic Emetti warriors by his side, Millard sets out to uncover the darkness of Vanidici and free the millions held captive, restoring the Kingdom of Emet and its King to the earth.

Who Am I?

Book One, Who Am I?, introduces the young man, Millard, 17, searching for his identity as a Warrior for the King of the ancient Kingdom of Emet.

As the population of Tyre City unwittingly falls under the deceptive spells of Prince Tyre and his army of Vanidis, the young warrior Millard begins his quest to win the Armor of Emet, through which he will be able to wield the power of the King and uncover the invisible Kingdom of Vanidici.

Vanidici Exposed

With his reign threatened Prince Tyre is forced back into the dark caverns of the Outlands, while his highest ranking general seizes power for himself.

Millard is faced with a battle of the heart that forces him to choose between his loyalty to the King and his love for a friend.

The Book of Emet

In the climactic last book in the series millions of people have become slaves to the Kingdom of Vanidici.

Millard and the forces of Emet move across continents to face Lord Vanidicus and his army of monstrous Vanidis.

Only when the Book of Emet is revealed can the lost Kingdom of Emet be restored to the earth.