Larry Trammell

I never dreamed back in 1989 that I would be publishing MILLARD: WARRIOR OF THE KING without my dear friend, brother, and “muse,” Larry Trammell, who unexpectedly passed into eternity in November 2004. The loss of his encouragement and creative input was, at the time, devastating to me. For two years I couldn’t even think about the project.

Grieving is a process that takes time, and finally, I was able to return to MILLARD. God restored both the vision and my passion to complete it. Larry, an incredibly gifted musician, songwriter and performer, wrote and recorded eight songs for the future musical production of MILLARD: WARRIOR OF THE KING. Out of all of the hundreds of songs that Larry wrote during his career, he considered “Who Am I?” and “We’ve Got What You Want” (written specifically for MWOK) some of his best musical work.

The music for MILLARD: WARRIOR OF THE KING began back in 1992. While I was writing one of the first drafts of the story, I called and asked Larry to write a song for the first scene. I explained the scenario, but never told him the title of the chapter that I had written in the original vision for Millard in 1986. Fifteen minutes later, he called me back with the song, “Who Am I?”

He was ecstatic about the song, knowing that it was inspired by the Holy Spirit. I cried as he sang it over the phone, and knew that this song was very special. The fact that the title of the song matched the name of the first chapter in the original vision was mind-boggling. By the winter of 1993 Larry had orchestrated and recorded all of the songs for a MILLARD demo, which I took to Ireland along with the 1992 prospectus.

“We’ve Got What You Want,” written for the wicked Psychic Sisters, Jezzie and Belle, is an eerie ballad, powerfully dramatic, and tailor-made for a Broadway musical. Together with “Who Am I?” these two songs are on the level of any Andrew Lloyd Webber musical…even if I am a bit biased!

While Larry is not here to see MILLARD published and produced on stage and film, I know that he is watching and cheering me on to the finish line. God does finish what He starts, and I know that He will see this through. Larry always wanted for me to change Millard the Bear into a human. It would seem that his wish has come true.

Larry Trammell was, and still is, a tremendous gift to the Body of Christ and to the world, whose life was tragically cut short before his time. He was a prolific writer, publishing sixteen inspiring books (available on He was a psalmist, prophet, teacher and pastor of his own house church. A totally unique man of God, dearly loved and greatly missed. He left deposits within the hearts of all of us who knew him…including his very favorite (and uniquely Larry) saying, “Religion Sucks….Jesus Rules!”