Millard’s Big Change

One Sunday morning in 1983, while I was living in Vinings, Georgia, God spoke to me. Yes, He spoke audibly to me. Some may not believe that God can or will actually speak out loud to a person, but believe me. He spoke.

I was still living a very carnal life, even though God’s hand was protecting me from myself. I awoke early that Sunday and actually turned on the television. A well-known evangelist popped onto the screen, and, surprising myself, I decided to watch. This man always had a wonderful sense of humor which is what kept my attention. (And an angel was probably blocking the remote so I couldn’t change the channel.)

About halfway through the broadcast I heard a loud, but calming voice speak to me. At first I thought it was coming from the television…until I understood the words. “Make MILLARD a Christian!”

Just like in a cartoon I violently shook my head back and forth. “Make MILLARD a Christian!” This couldn’t be real. I turned off the television.

The room was silent. Now, I would know if the voice was real.

“Make MILLARD a CHRISTIAN!” Three times I had heard the voice, and this time, I believed it. I ran to the kitchen and found my roommate. Certain that she would think I was having some drug or alcohol induced hallucination, I told her what had happened.

She smiled. I did not know it at the time, but she had given her life back to the Lord. What I shared made perfect sense to her. I, on the other hand, was in some kind of shock.

Never one to shy away from a task, I began making Millard greeting cards from scriptures. It felt right, even though I was not walking with the Lord. Not until October 18, 1985.