The Comic Strip

Having come to the conclusion that my rough, unpolished bear named Millard was destined for greatness, I quickly moved forward with the idea of a comic strip. Under my Irish pseudonym, Taylor Ryan, I planned on becoming the next Charles Schulz. A good friend flew me to DC, New York and Los Angeles, leading me by the hand into the offices of all of the major cartoon syndicates. It was exciting to be in LA when CHARIOTS OF FIRE won Best Picture, but that’s about all that the whirlwind trip produced.

Looking back on this now is mortifying. Even looking at the artwork is difficult. My, how we become blinded by ambition. This was neither the time nor place for Millard, and I was apparently on some other planet.

But God…..always remember that part! He always has a plan, and with me, a sense of humor.